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Listen to us talk casually about gaming both retro and modern, as well as other electronic forms of entertainment.  We talk about the community, the Dallas Retro Gamers group, and whatever else comes to mind.

We strive to provide good clean fun.  While we take care to avoid any obscenities, and remain radio friendly, listener discression is advised for younger audiences.  Episodes may contain suggestive and tastefully censored language.

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Dallas Retro Gamers Live! is:
Chris Martin:
Dallas Retro Gamers creator, opinionated and vocal.

Favorite/Owned Consoles:
all the good ones

Kirkland Sweeney:
Kirk works at a local airline and has 5 children with his wife, Heather. He owns a complete licensed USA NES and N64 set (including stadium events). Other collections include Marvel Legends superhero action figures, 90s toys, and old marvel comic cards. Kirk is an Eagle Scout that enjoys camping, playing sports, and he is also an aviation enthusiast/commercial pilot.

Variants- including games, consoles, and accessories.
Favorite/Owned Consoles:
Nintendo fanboy heavy into NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube. Dabbles with all the other retro gaming systems if the price is right.

Thomas Basil Murphey:
The "youngest" of the Dallas Retro Gamers squad. Loves retro video games, classic movies, sports (and WWE), old toys, antiques, vinyl, you name it! When he's not at work, Thomas spends his time exploring the internet for (ahem) "research".

Video editing and being Canadian
Favorite/Owned Consoles:
Anything American!

Timmy Tofulicious:
Opening announcer, owner of the podcast equipment, episode editor, DJ. When not appearing on the podcast or spinning at a meet-up, Timmy spends most of his time behind the scenes of Dallas Retro Gamers and out of view.

Tech, hobby electronics design and repair, A/V equipment and editing/producing.
Favorite/Owned Consoles:
NES, SNES, Game Cube with Gameboy adapter, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color (second Pokémon edition), 3DS XL, Genesis, with 32X and CD atachment, Xbox family, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 001
September 23, 2017
From the National Videogame Museum!

It's our very first official episode! Lots to cover: The National Videogame Museum, Retro Systems of Choice, Favorite Games, Dificult Games, Sports Games, Arcade Talk, and a special interview with Mr. National Videogame Museum himself: John Hardie.

Featuring the voices of:
Justin Flory, Courtney Wuistinger, Taris James Ortowski, and Jeff Bartoletta in the first half, and adding Brandon Brown and John Hardie in the second half

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 002
October 9, 2017
A short collection of interviews from the main floor of Retropalooza V!

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 002
November 4, 2017
Non-Interview Variant, Recorded at Timmyville Studios:

Collecting Variants, Retropalooza V, Nintendo's Classic Systems, DL.O.C. (Download Only Content), Favorite Arcade Systems, Some Classic Movie talk, and some Video Game Documentry Talk.

Featuring a new cast of voices:
Kirkland Sweeney, Thomas Basil Murphy, Chris Martin and Timmy Tofulicious

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 003
November 25, 2017
Recorded at Murphy Manor:

We just got done with Thanksgiving.  It's the day after Black Friday and among other things, we're talking about: PONG!  Game Prices These Days and Collecting, The Game that Got Away, Bad Trades, Broken Consoles, Really Old Arcade Games, Games that Still Hold Up Today, Games that Didn't Hold Up, and Console Life Spans.

Featuring the voices of:
Terry Murphy (Special guest!), Thomas Basil Murphy, Chris Martin, Timmy Tofulicious and Kirkland Sweeney (our very first call-in!)

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 004
December 30, 2017
Recorded at Timmyville Studios:

It's New Year's Eve Eve and we talk about: What we got for Christmas, favorite Christmasses in the past, Movies of 2017, People that died in 2017, What we wish Nintendow would make, Games listed to come out in 2018, Some of us went on a Vegas trip!, and what was in store for Kirkland from the last podcast.

Featuring the voices of:
Kirkland Sweeney, Thomas Basil Murphy, Chris Martin, Timmy Tofulicious

Dallas Retro Gamers Live! Episode 005 - Coming Soon!
Janurary 20, 2018
We're back at the National Videogame Museum!:

Stuff! More Stuff!! All the Stuff!!!

Featuring the voices of:
Kirkland Sweeney, Thomas Basil Murphy, Chloe Martin, Timmy Tofulicious, and more!